Spring Flowers

Well, technically they're more summer than spring, but this iris is in my new bouquet and with it's soft yellow, white and greens is very Easter and Spring-like. I couldn't see properly most of the day because early this morning was when I had my eye specialist appointment and had those drops dripped in my eyes, the ones that dilate the pupils. It took  6 hours to wear off !  But good news, the damage to my cornea, even though it is in both eyes, is something which should not impair my sight and so far doesn't even need any meds or medical procedures. It's called Map, Dot, Fingerprint Dystrophy ! I took this image halfway when I couldn't really see in focus, but my camera viewfinder helped a bit. I've changed the background to a soft green texture, because the real background was a little too distracting. For Flower Friday, with thanks to BikerBear, our gracious host. In the extra see 'wide open lenses' ;-)

Thanks so much for all your kind comments and stars for yesterday's parasol diagonals and all the AT entries !

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