Droning On!

You would not believe the stress this battery has caused. It developed a fault soon after purchase when it would not re-charge. No problem, as Amazon agreed to refund. I took the package to a post office today to return it, clearly marked with its 'dangerous goods' label as instructed. Parcelforce wouldn't take it. Is it on its own they asked, yes I said, well we can't accept it if it's on its own. What should it be with, I asked, the drone they said. I think I muttered something at that point about it flying itself back to Scotland or packing a teddy bear for company..... you can imagine the response!
To cut the saga short, in the course of several online conversations with Amazon, India, I couldn't find a courier who would take it 'on its own' even though it definitely arrived that way.
You know that feeling when you've been there before and have run out of options....
Anyway, the last of the lovely people I spoke to in India had a word with the supervisor about the British intractibility of transporting something as lethal as a dead battery, who agreed to just refund the money without sending it back! I told the lovely person he was WONDERFUL and to take the rest of the day off!
You do have to love Amazon sometimes when common sense prevails.
Has anyone ever heard of a battery exploding?

I'm still reeling from the shock yesterday of discovering that there is an outstanding bill of £12,000 to be paid for my mother's care over the past year. This is the euphemistically called '3rd party contribution' which is now up to my brother and I to settle. It was a complete surprise to me but when I phoned bro yesterday, oh yes, he said, but I didn't think it would be that much.

I am becoming increasingly resentful towards my mother which is not fair as it's not her fault she is in a care home and still going at 91. What really scares me is that she could easily go on for years as she is, waiting for the last bus! £6000 or more as my share each year for the next x years!!!
Doing nothing and going nowhere but hanging on in for the ride. I could go on.....

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