It turned into a busy day, between sorting out all the stuff I had to take care of before heading off to the airport and then getting myself there.

Things went to plan mostly, and once I was on the airport bus I started to relax. As often happens with the island flights, we left as soon everyone was on board - 10 or 15 minutes early.  

The Blip is the arrivals section of Stornoway Airport. It is also the departures section if you turn around and walk the opposite way.

I was waiting for my turn at the car rentals desk and used the time to get a fairly unimaginative Blip. I was sure it would be almost dark by the time I reached the town centre, so no reason to hang back.

Time now to make a wee plan for Saturday. Then I'll need a plan B in case the weather isn't what's being forecast. 

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