I’m so glad I’ve come here. It really is worth seeing, and the narrative to a Blip is too short to do it justice.

Today I drove north to Barabhas (Barvas) on the northwest coast of Leòdhas (Lewis), and then turned southwest to follow the coast road through Àrnol (Arnol), Càrladhagh (Carloway) and Calanais (Callanish). Then I crossed onto another island - Beàrnaraigh Mòr (Great Berneray). After that I headed back to Steòrnabhagh (Stornoway).

I have too many highlights to mention, but the beach at Bostadh on Beàrnaraigh Mòr needs a mention. White sand and turquoise water.

As I was leaving Càrladhagh and about to rejoin the main road, I saw a man in his 70s dressed in dungareees waiting at the crossroads. Just as I decided to stop and ask if he was needing a lift somewhere, he waved for me to stop. Yes, he would like a lift. Yes, to Calanais would do fine.

Island life, eh... Anyway, we had a good gossip (about my Gaelic tutor, the First Minister and the Prime Minister) for 10 minutes and that was another highlight. 

The Blip choice was easy - the beach at Bostadh. Seaweed for lunch seems to be the thing here.

One of the extras is of the stones at Calanais. They date from 2,900BC to 2,600BC. The tallest is 4.8 metres high. Why? How?

The other extra is a panoramic of that beach. 

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