By iaint


It has been a day of no interest whatsoever, apart from ticking off boxes on the task list.

More laundry. More ironing. Housework. Deskwork.

I watched the first period of Linz v Graz, but then went to send a snotty email (to someone who deserves it) and forgot to tune in for period 2. Senior moment, I suppose. 

Anyway, the rest of the week will be quite lively with the removal of my EU citizenship coming along on Friday. Yes, my hunch is May will just carry on letting the clock run down. No, she will not be ousted by her cabinet. I suspect that is just a squirrel (as was last week's meeting with the EU) and none of the cabinet has the backbone either. 

I did get a visitor at lunchtime. The pheasants are funny. They walk up and down beside my garden fences looking for a gap for ages, forgetting they can fly and get over that way. 

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