I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Flower Friday ~ Rose

This morning when I went out to get the paper is was cold and very windy. I made the call not to play golf and my fellow golfers agreed. Bad call....the wind settled and it turned in to the perfect day. Being Flower Friday, I went to the nursery in search of some color for the yard and a blip. I accomplished both.

This rose was standing tall above all the others crying out for her 15 minutes of fame, so here she is....the yellow rose of Texas Las Vegas.

I found an artichoke plant that had an artichoke already formed. I snatched that up in an instant. I am looking forward to seeing it bloom. A couple geraniums found their way into the basket as well.

The green pollen that comes from the pine trees is everywhere, so it must be spring.

Bunker had his yearly check up this afternoon along with a toenail trimming since we were there. He has put on a few pounds from last year but he doctor didn't say it was a problem so we can continue with all those "good boy" treats.

Thank you Anni, where ever you are, for hosting this challenge. Enjoy yourself and safe travels.

I am grateful for a day of puttering around the yard and having some new plants.

 Now it is time for me to get ready for bed.

Until tomorrow......

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