One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Busy Sunday

Up early, mostly due to the missing hour. Robbing bastards! 
Breakfast for two kids. And then two teenagers. Who don't know about daylight saving. Then Lidl. And back home to cook fried chicken and Asian noodles. To feed two children. And two teenagers. Who eat like four. Each. Mrs Raheny visiting Pepe in the hospital. 
Then off to the swimming pool. With two children. And a teenager. All equally enthusiastic. Good fun. Was subjected to an aquatic interrogation by the dad of Mikey, in Mimi's class. I think I passed the oral. Not sure though. 
Then doughnuts. And back home. And dough. Without nuts. For the homemade pizza. I am so delighted they sell fresh yeast in the local Polish shop. And terrific smoked ham. EUR9/kilo. Tastes exactly like the Black Forest smoked ham from Supervalu. At EUR26/kilo. Supervalu my arse. 
Then Lidl again, for the items I had missed the first time around. 
Then homemade pizza. Niiiice. A favourite with all the foreign exchange students who have stayed here. Even the Italians! 
Then off to visit Pepe in the swanky St Vincent's private hospital. He is much better today. Back to telling the stories about holidaying in Portmarnock as a kid. And learning how to drive on the dodgems. No morbid talk with me. I think he keeps this for Mrs Raheny. Good to see him in better form. 
Then back home to back bags. 
No feeling of dread. No Sunday-evening-blue-before-the-Monday-morning-to-come. 
Bags packed. For Mimi, and Finn and me. 
We're off to Mayo tomorrow. On the bus. Yes, that's an adventure. 

Actually, if you know Irish buses, it is an adventure... 

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