One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


09:35 and the first treat is being promptly dispatched. 
But they can quit any day, really, they can... 

Finn, Mimi and I got on the 9:00 Dart in Salthill, to connect with the 10:00 bus to Ballina out of Bus Aras. 
Everything was exciting. Everything.
And they were very good on the bus, occupied with all their gadgets hotspotting on my phone. But it wasn't all electronic stuff. Finn read almost a full Diary of The Wimpy Kid. And Mimi really appreciated the fact that you get to see a lot more from the bus, as you sit above of the top of the hedges. 
Mimi asked if we can always go on the bus when we go to Mayo. 
I for one found rather more relaxing than the habitual drive. And the extra hour almost vanishes when watching movies (What We Did On Our Holiday, Philomena). 
I thought the kids would enjoy What We Did On Our Holiday (they are big fans of Outnumbered), so we watched it again in the evening with Nana, for the great dialogues. And we forgave it for its heavily sugar-coated ending. 
Because that's how we roll. 

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