By wellsforzoe

Mathematics on Saturday

24th March 2018:

Concentration in a Maths class. These girls have travelled miles for this.
They attend schools up to 30 km distant from the centre. We collect them but many still have to walk long distances through fields, forests and even through rivers to get to the collection points. They are amazing girls who are so appreciate of every little help.
Their schools could have 100 + pupils in a class, with badly trained and even more poorly paid teachers. 
Mathematics always delivers their worst results, so when they get a great teacher as we have, they really respond appropriately.
Hardly any of the 258 girls would be in secondary school without our support. Boys get educated, if at all possible but many of these girls would be married or in real terms, sold off, to a much older man, maybe with a wife or two already.who could afford the dowry.

Its a desperate situation but thats as it is.
We don't complain about it, we do something with the generous help of our donors.

Every day in secondary school makes them stronger and better able to have a say in their future.

Its of Girl Child Project:

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