By wellsforzoe

Forest Hut

21st March 2018

This is a new home for part of our Tree and Forestry operation.
Because our own land is being acquired by the President for a new Airport, our friend, Bishop John Ryan, has offered us some of his lands to work on.
This relationship will lead to the planting of many trees in his Diocese this year, maybe a million or more.
We have planted a few hectares of pines and Eucalyptus already here and are continuing with Mango, Apples and other fruit we bud and graft on the farm.

Of course security is a challenge, the same as everywhere else, so we need a watchman, to prevent theft of newly sown seedlings

The timbers are offcuts from the from the felling of some mature trees on the lands, so we will see how it goes.

Looks like our guys have done a great days work today.

Rose is there to Observe the action.

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