Doing Her Job

The white butterflies are really bad at present. My cabbage seedlings are bristling with their eggs. As fast as I rub them off they are replaced. I wish the praying mantis population was much larger.

This was the third day in a row that it has been summery-warm. I went to Christchurch to catch up on groceries that were running out. I didn’t feel well and went only to a small shopping centre on the outskirts. I have two problems. Yesterday as I was picking up the heavy duty 30 metre electric cord after using the chainsaw I ricked my back. Walking and bending is painful. The day before, I was attacked by a fitted sheet (with elastic) in a sudden gust of wind as I was hanging out the washing. It ripped my glasses off, taking skin with them, and now the bridge of my nose is swollen and sore. My glasses don't fit properly and it’s given me a headache. Such silly little things, but annoying.

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