A Misty Beck

I was out with Finlay just after 08:00 - for what seems like the first decent walk have had for a few days. It was cold and bright and as we entered the woods I was treated to this wonderful sight - sunlight streaming through the trees and fence, lighting up the mist that was rising off the beck. I stood for ages watching it - Finlay wasn’t impressed….

Home after 90 minutes - having spoken to a despondent farmer who was desperately trying to sow a bean crop (for animal feed) and finding that the the ground was still too wet. He wasn’t hopeful that it would get done today - and he had run out of time to get it in the ground.The tractor pulling the tilling machine was having to stop and unclog the mechanism every few minutes.

Then on to a round of ‘supermarket mayhem’… looks like food and chocolate is going to be in short supply as everyone was stocking up today - it was as bad as that season that can’t yet be mentioned (phew nearly fell into the trap)…car park was gridlocked - the aisles inside weren’t much better and as for the queues for the tills…

The shop is closed for ONE DAY people. Do you really need 20 loaves of bread??

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