Easter bunny models glug jug

Today's visitor to the sick bay was Larry (Mr hazelh's old boss). Larry brought me the Lindt chocolate bunny in my photo. The bunny can be seen modelling the latest addition to my shoal of glug jugs - the 'new' one that Melissa presented to me on Monday.

I had a bit of a disaster this afternoon. I accidentally added far too much chilli to a batch of roast pepper and tomato soup. As a result I have produced a very fiery concoction that cannot be served to the guests expected at our house for dinner on Saturday night.

I have decanted the noxious liquid into Tupperware boxes for the freezer. Mr hazelh, who has declared that he 'quite likes' my culinary mishap, will be charged with consuming it on his own. Here's hoping that the lentil and sausage stew that is currently cooking in the bottom oven is edible!

(I blame my medical condition for my mistake. It would appear that I am not quite right mentally, as well as physically.)

The good news is that my university friend Jackie, who has been keen to come and look after me while I have been in the sickbay, has arranged to come up to visit the week after next. This will give Mr hazelh a rest from nursing duties.

Exercise today: modified morning exercises, wee bike ride, walking (8838 steps).

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