Pennsylvania Farm Scene, Early Spring

It was amazingly foggy as I drove to work, and I tooled around a few backroads simply taking in the views. I stopped to take a picture of this lovely farm scene near the Ross Church that I also enjoy so much.

I have posted photos of this farm field twice, once last September with the buildings and a few years ago, without them. There is just something special about the property. I don't know whose farm it is, but it has a completeness to it that I can't put into words.

It is springtime, which means that we are in the mud season. There is mud everywhere. In the parking lots. In the churchyards. It is dragged onto the road by farm implements. There is no escaping it.

I do not mind the mud, for I was born a world-class maker of mud pies, a skill I have not practiced in some time. It's been far too long, now that I think of it. And so I am a kindred spirit with the mud: it is for the making of things.

The ground looks bare and empty, but soon things will grow here again. Fields will be fertilized and tilled. Seeds will be planted. Green stubs will emerge from the ground. And the miracle of plants, and food, and life will begin again.

My soundtrack song is one I love, that I last used quite some time ago for a planting blip. It's Jakob Dylan, with Will It Grow. It is from the 2008 album Seeing Things; every song on the album is good.

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