Round Cat Is Round

This is our tabbycat Dexter, relaxing on a soft purple blankie on my favorite chair in the living room. It was taken shortly after suppertime. We'd sat in the car a while and we'd run for treats, and now it was time to settle in for the evening.

There is a ritual with the chair and the blankies, of course. We put a blankie on the chair, Dexter sits on it, and we cover him up (or "tuv" him, as we say) with a second blankie. Then he jumps out and lies on that blankie, and we top him with yet ANOTHER blankie so that he may nap.

After that, he doesn't usually come out until bedtime, though I do sometimes hear little noises and even occasional cat-snoring (yes, snoring!) being emitted from underneath all those blankies.

Between the layers of blankies, I stopped to photograph the cat on this occasion. He just looked so soft and fuzzy and ROUND. All soft edges, toes and tail tucked in. As he gets ready to purr, and snooze, and dream . . . round cat is round.  :-)

The song: Madonna, with Love Makes the World Go Round.

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