The Long Friday (as we call it in Finnish language)

I started the day (after breakfast and doggie walk of course) by loading laundry. Then I went outside to plan the roses and the gift plants. Then more laundry and lots of cleaning (floors, doggie beds ect).

I cleaned til lunch. Then doggies out. After their walk we were supposed to start trimming of the cavaliers (Buddha was trimmed last weekend). But... it started to rain! So we took a walk (just us humans) and pooped in a grocery store, which was really quiet after yesterday's madness. Back hope just under the first drops. It didn't rain that much but three times we got a load down. So while that was happening I made a dress for myself for our block party tomorrow.

After the rain we finally got to the trimming. Both cavaliers. Then evening walk. Of which is today's picture with all 3 trimmed dogs. I have to say I'm exhausted. I wish I'd had one cider in the fridge for me, but no.

Today's balance:
1 load of dishes in the dishwasher
4 loads of laundry (all the doggie bedings and sofa covers)
washing of the floors
planting of roses and flowers
1 dress planned and executed
2 dogs trimmed
1 visit to grocery store

Dogs sleeping and I'll take something to my stomach and hope I find something that tastes good and will watch some reality tv. That's basically all my brains can take in at this point. It might be that I can't accomplish anything tomorrow.

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