Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Working Holiday

At Easter, down the years, The Mate and I have arranged something different to do. Previous years it has been going to a falconry event, doing a walk to get a different blip, or having a trip on the lake, etc. This year, at my insistence, we opted for a less strenuous pastime of videoing "Lunchtime Lectures".

These lectures last about half an hour or so and are given by The Mate to students on his Cabinet Making Course. For quite a while he's been thinking it would be nice to let students have a copy of these videos to remind them of all the very useful information he imparts.

We tried this many months ago but I came up with a better idea using two video cameras instead of just one. 

So, did we do well? The Mate did, he's done these talks many,many times. I on the other hand, have only done videography a few times. What I did learn is - two cameras gave me the opportunity to make twice as many mistakes AND they work so much better with the camera switched to record! Thankfully we realised that mistake and could redo that talk. I think we might be half way through now. We will be back for more.

My blip shows a tool from the talk. It's a Veritas (the goddess of truth) honing guide (Mk I) to assist with keeping the angle correct whilst sharpening chisels and plane blades. The extra shows the chisel in place.

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