F saves the day ........again!

My son and family are coming today until Monday. I had a lot to do as yesterday's curlew survey had taken a much bigger chunk of the day than I had anticipated.

I got up early so that I could do my last minute shopping and be back home to get on with things. I whizzed round town and got back to make a start.

I parked my car on the drive but when I tried to unlock the door it wouldn't budge. I realised what had happened, I have a mat just inside that had crept forward and had stuck in the bottom of the door when I closed it.

I pushed and pulled and even gave the bottom a kick to try to loosen it but to no avail. I knocked next door but they were out and I knew that the other neighbours wouldn't be able to do it either. I phoned F but there was no answer, I phoned his mobile but as I suspected, he hadn't switched it on. I had no idea what to do next.

After a while I tried F again and this time he answered and gave me some advice that didn't work. He said he'd come and sort it so I sat in the car for 20 minutes until he arrived.

He rolled up armed with tools and put a crowbar through the letterbox to pull the mat while I turned the door key. It worked a treat!  Thank goodness that he was in and able to help or I could still be outside now. He wouldn't stay for a cup of tea as he knew that I was very late with my preparations so was very thoughtful. 

Everything is done so now I have time to do my blip while I await their arrival. Phew!! 

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