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By Connections

Easter 1958

Sixty years ago! I marvel at that. I was 11, E was 9-1/2, and M was 3. 

E and I were in the children's choir at the Presbyterian church our family attended, and were carefully carrying our white stoles, which went over the choir robes stored at the church. 

I added an extra photo of me sans spring coat for American blippers of "a certain age" who might remember the glories of crinolines under full-skirted dresses... the net fabric was scratchy against the legs, but that was a small price to pay for the pleasure of twirling in such a voluminous skirt.

Moving in time again, my paternal great aunt was born on April 1, 1898. I'm going to sing happy 120th birthday to her on Sunday, and blow out a candle on a slice of tiramisu from our food co-op. I think she'd be pleased by that!

Enjoy the day, however you celebrate.

Blip 1925

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