I found a new nature park online in our area and as it was quite sunny and not windy, decided to head there this morning. 
It was VERY muddy and immediately I regretted not having any wellies with me. After a little wandering, I finally found the rustic bird hide and feeding station and was thrilled to see a woodpecker appear not 10 minutes after I sat down. 
There was plenty of food and lots of activity with all the usual suspects - blue/great/coal/long tailed tits, goldfinches, chaffinches galore robins, blackbirds etc. There were also a lot of tree sparrows which was nice as we don't see them around here very often. 
After a while I saw a flash of yellow and assumed it was a goldfinch, but it was actually a yellowhammer. 
My mission then was to capture a decent shot of one as it's not something I see very often. This was the best I could do - they seem to be quite skittish. 

Went over to  mum and dad's for Sunday dinner - lovely Easter turkey and my homemade fruit pavolva - delicious!
A few board games followed until the younger ones went home and my niece started talking about American politics(she's studying politics as part of her degree). This was our cue to leave. 

This I think will be the last in a row of bird blips - tomorrow is looking too wet to go out. Need to get my thinking cap on for my blip. 

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