Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Brunch here with the whole family... Lovely asparagus/salmon strata, 2 quiches, fruit salad, corn muffins, coffee cake, and lots of chocolate.   My plan was to continue the "deathcleaning" here are all the china and silverware and glass on the table that need to be cleaned out!   Got just a few takers for a few things.... and some good ideas too.  (Oskar has dibs on the painting of his grandpa on his bike! Niklas wants the silverware I was sure I'd be selling soon!)  Then there was the  talk about future plans for the island.  Niklas (15) said he's not so sure he'll want to be this adult in about 20 years to deal with all this sort of stuff!   It was a very good time actually, altho I almost forgot why I don't like to cook --and do a vegan, a gluten free and a kid (pancake) menu plus something the rest of us like!  But it worked out and there are leftovers.   And now we've got some ideas out there early to think about.  
 I hope you all had a good day, whether you celebrate this Easter or not.
The group in the extra.
A few in flickr

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