Phone photo of reflections in the pond.  I also photographed a clump of daffodils to remind me it is spring and a rather nice shot of the cherry blossom that is eventually coming into flower - though I was being constantly harassed by a rather cross blue-tit who wanted to get to the peanuts without me under the tree.  Awful weather again at the moment - lots of rain and we even have some more snow forecast for this morning.  I've not felt very motivated to take more photos this week though I have been working on my presentation for a talk to Positive Image Photo group next Monday and editing some of the latest photos from our last trip to Venice.  I've also finally got around to doing some work on my website which unfortunately got hit by a virus last Autumn.  It was created for me and hosted by a friend who was quite devastated that it had happened, despite his two virus checkers on his system.

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