The second half of life..

By twigs


The plan had been to leave work early, mow lawns, prep house for guests, shop for trip, pack van and relax into the Easter break.  I fell at the 'leave work early' stage :(  Still, it did all eventually happen, even if I did end up going to bed at stupid o'clock!

The house feels so good - I think I should 'treat' myself to a holiday at my house!  I'm excited to be heading away after a home-based (but totally awesome) summer.  Look out Molesworth - here I come :)

Whilst I was packing and prepping ready for house-sitters tomorrow (whilst I head away for Easter), I saw a few starlings gather and fly together.  Hoping this would be the beginnings of a much larger group activity I stayed and watched.  Sadly, both the participating birds and I got a bit restless waiting so after about 10 minutes we all dispersed and carried on.......

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