Early bulbs

Relatively early, they should be all done by April but instead they're only now appearing around our borders, these tiny blue 'Glory of the Snow' flowers (Chionodoxa forbesii). I had taken one inside to photograph and upstairs to my 'studio' when I saw it in the sunlight on the old weathered red children's table, with its shadow it made such a great image that I just had to capture it like that.

Tiny enough for Tiny Tuesday? Thanks very much to IntoTheHills for hosting in the month of April.

And thanks for the comments and stars on yesterday's chocolate sprinkles, isn't cultural diversity in everything including food entertaining ? Just read the controversy about MasterChef where the judges apparently wanted the rendang chicken in a nasi lemak meal to be 'crispy', tsk !!! No way can a rendang dish be crispy, it has to stew for quite some time !

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