Tiny Tuesday - What Is It

I picked up this stick on the after-work-walk this afternoon fully intending to take some shots of the structure on the right which is the remains of a type of bottlebrush I think.

We had a slight altercation on the walk and the little dog thought that the man carrying a big bag of something was actually carrying a dog! So the little dog started carrying on and had a little bit of a bark and got a bit agitated so we rushed off before anyone could get the wrong idea whew! Through it all I carried this stick!!

Little did I realise until I focused on it with the macro lens that this very delicate, tiny and strange white ball had survived the altercation!! The stem is quite stiff and I was too scared to move the hair on it as it seemed stuck and could have broken the whole thing! Could the aliens have landed and settled in amongst the bottlebrush? LoL. I have no idea what it is but it sure looks interesting!

My second choice is in as an extra. A parasite plant has settled into a wattle tree and is very big and slowly taking over the tree. The fascinating flowers are now finished and these odd looking seeds have appeared. Also looks a bit alien!

Thanks to Into The Hills for hosting TT ;o))x

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