I have a friend who believes that when she sees a feather, it has been left behind by her guardian angel. It is, for her, a comforting thought.
This small discarded feather was lying on the ground covered in rain, glistening beautifully. Despite being rejected as unnecessary by a bird, it still retains its beauty and wonder.
It speaks to me of something that although ultiltarian (to aid flight) is nonetheless a thing of intrinsic beauty. It could have been created in drab grey or brown and have less attractiveness.. but it didn't.
It is wonderful how much of creation is simply beautiful, wonderful to look at - even if it has another more functional use. 
So, we may be rejected by others as no longer useful - but we need to believe that despite this we still retain our individual beauty and wonder nonetheless. And maybe, just maybe, we will be as an angel to someone in need of comfort.

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