Mittwoch: Mercredi: Diciadain

That’s 3 consecutive days of snow, sleet or cold rain.


In other news, it is G’s 21st birthday today and she was in our local office again while S keeps the show on the road in Edinburgh.

We felt for her, spending her birthday so far from home, so we decided to do our best to help her enjoy the day. I went out and bought us all coffee and doughnuts in the morning. Then we took her out for lunch at Baba’s Bistro. The Turkish/fusion food lifted our minds away from the weather for a while.

As someone mentioned, it was our least productive day in the office for a long time (don’t tell the taxpayers). On the other hand, it’s rare for us to be entertaining an Alaskan on her birthday. Life will go on...  

After several short walks in The Spring Weather today, I don’t have the same urge for fresh air and exercise as I did last night. Hot tea and a blanket seems more appealing than being cold and wet again.

The Blip is one of the flower beds I weeded on Sunday. Looking good now, eh?

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