A relaxing morning having a massage followed by a chat to a friend over a pot of tea, crumpets and a tea cake.  Very nice to catch up on what has been going on in our lives - quite a lot of BIG things between us so it was good to talk.  We went to a local tea room which is run by a girl with autism and she has had some very good publicity lately.  It was very nice and was very busy. I hope she does well.

As we wandered back to our cars, we saw this chap sitting outside the chemist's shop looking longingly at the door.  I hope he didn't have to wait too long.

And so, the poem for today:


My Master's Voice is what I need.
The voice of calm and authority.
I wait,  I wait.  I wait.
For who?  Male?  Female?
How do I know?  Both?
Gender neutral?
Mistress maybe...
No, No.  Not that sort.

I love her with four
loving paws and licking tongue, 
a bark, a whine,
I wait.  I wait.  I wait.

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