The bees were enjoying the pulmonaria flowers in the sunshine this morning. Sadly they didn't stay around to have their photos taken! I like the way pulmonaria has the mauve and blue flowers, double value.
I've been thwarted today! I decided to give upstairs a thorough clean, only find that "someone", after cleaning up after a diy job, had failed to put the vacuum cleaner on charge and it was dead. So instead I decided to work out the Talking Newspaper editors rota, a task I have to do every three months. The editors email me the dates they cannot do and with the aid of a chart I work it out so that they all get a turn every month and they edit with different people. After a bit of juggling around I sorted it out and emailed it to them. Shortly afterwards I got a reply from one of the editors saying sorry, she had emailed the dates she was available instead of the ones she couldn't do! So, back to square one.
I hope things go better for the rest of the day, but they do say these things go in threes! However, the sun is shining, lthat's brilliant!

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