Cannon Hall

Before we moved house we used to visit Cannon Hall two or three times a week as the park land, lakes and wildlife always added to our walks;  nowadays it's that bit further away and not as convenient, but today we decided to re-visit.  As soon as we got there we realised we'd chosen the wrong time, work has just started on dredging the lakes and re-modelling the lay of the land.  There are many metal fences, and orange barriers and tapes, which all detract from the reasons we have always enjoyed being there; however looking at the information provided when the job is done it will be an improvement and ensure the sustainability of plants and wildlife alike.  

This view of the hall is probably the only place where there was no evidence of works going on - maybe a good thing as it meant I didn't have to choose today. :-))

Thank you very much for your lovely responses to yesterday's blip.

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