MonoMonday: Every Picture Tells a Story

This picture tells a story of the evils of Alzheimer's Disease.

Last week my Editor and I started the job of clearing Mum-in-Law's house for sale, as she's now in a care home because of her memory loss. We've watched her memory gradually deteriorate over the last few years, as she's changed from someone who coped with everything so well to someone who struggles to know what time of day it is. (It's a weird condition - happily she still knows who we are, and she can still play Scrabble very well!) We know lots of families are affected like this nowadays - one of the unhappy side-effects of the lovely way that many folks are living longer than before.

Anyway this photo shows one of the problems - shopping errors. In Mum-in-Law's cellar we found 10 bottles of washing-up liquid and even more tubes of toothpaste - this shows only a sample of them.

At least we're going to have very clean dishes and teeth for the next few years!

Many thanks to Kathy (chantler63)for hosting MM this month.

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