The Three Amigos again

I'm pleased to say that the Amigos behaved themselves overnight and didn't bark at all. They told me that they slept very well - they're getting used to sleeping in lots of different places on their world tour.

This morning I spent some time preparing a print panel for a competition at our camera club this evening. I based it on some of the techniques we played with at the Creative Workshop at LPH last April. (Blipper Rainie will be pleased to see a Pep Ventosa amongst them!)

The Amigos were fascinated, and when I'd finished they insisted on climbing onto the table to get a good look. Trigger was naughty as usual - he got too close and Kelso had to bark at him to tell him that he mustn't touch the photos - and he certainly mustn't lick them! Fortunately Rowan has behaved impeccably today, Trigger hasn't led him astray...not yet anyway!

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