The Three Amigos up to Mischief!

Well I can't say that I wasn't warned!

I knew that Trigger has a penchant for a tipple, so I've kept him well away from the cupboard where we keep wine and beer. However, this morning I was sorting trophies for our camera club presentation night in 3 weeks' time. I turned away for a moment and the next thing I knew, Trigger had jumped head first into a tankard - he clearly thought it would be full of beer. And then he couldn't get out again! Kelso had to climb onto a pile of books to pull him out.

Meanwhile, following Trigger's bad example, Rowan was pondering taking a look in the other tankard...

I've threatened them that I'll put them in a cage if they don't start behaving better.

(Follow-up on yesterday's Print Panel - many thanks to those who commented on it. I didn't win that competition at the club, but I did get 2nd and 3rd place in our panorama competition, with a photo of the Grand Canyon and one in Worcester Cathedral so that was nice.)

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