Sunday Afternoon Shenanigans: the Sledding Party

There is just one big pile of snow left, and it's right between the deck and the rhododendrons. Since we weren't sure if we'd get another chance at some winter fun once it melts, we decided to organize a Sunday afternoon sledding party.

Critters of all size showed up, and what fun they had! The creatures lined up along the edges, with some of the bigger ones near the bottom, for spotting purposes. We welcomed creatures both large and small. Even a teenie-tiny woolly mammoth showed up! That's so rare.

You can see our pal Tiny Tiger near the top. Is that a bit of trepidation on his small, orange, stripey face? And there's even a white mouse in a fancy hat, riding in a . . .  *looks closer* . . . well, folks, it looks like a BATHTUB!

After everybody got a turn at sledding, we all went back inside. There, we enjoyed some warm cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, while I carefully towel-dried everybody's cold, wet feet.

The song: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, with Snow Outside.

Ingredients for one sledding party photo shoot:
1 pile of snow, rather dirty
1 camera
1 very silly girl
1 rather large white mouse in a fancy hat, traveling by bathtub
1 Tiny Tiger with Passenger and raccoon
1 brightly colored kangaroo
1 snowman
1 Christmas tree
1 porcupine
1 hedgehog
1 frog on wheels
4 colorful cats
1 red sled
2 hippos (apologies to the third, red one, who didn't get to attend)
2 elephants: 1 large, 1 small
9 assorted tiny animals from India, including 1 woolly mammoth

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