How Do You Like Them Apples?

This week is going to be an odd one for me. I usually work Mondays and have Fridays off. But I'll be heading to Philadelphia on Thursday for a conference that will be all day Friday. This means this week, I had Monday off instead, which is unusual for me.

My husband and I did a lot of things around the house. For there are always plenty of things to be done, when you have a house and yard and a tiny woods. Things like laundry, and mending, and hanging the blinds on the porch, and restringing the clothes line when it fell. I told my husband I looked forward to going back to work on Tuesday, to get some rest!

My husband and I are serious readers. Each of us always has at least one, and usually more, books going at the same time. We borrow our books from the Bookmobile, which stops at Way Fruit Farm late on Monday mornings. So I actually got to visit myself and pick some of my own books this time (usually, my husband is the one who goes). We are now well stocked for reading materials.

I also had time to go inside the store at Way Fruit Farm. They are famous locally for apples, but they also sell lots and lots of other things. Their store features row after row of neatly organized stuff: bags of stuff, bottles of stuff, old-fashioned stuff, crafty stuff, local stuff. It's an OCD person's dream. (And I mean that in the best possible way.)

This photo features bushels of apples. I thought they looked pleasing, against the weirdly lit background of the refrigerated cases (which contain milk and things like that). Apples sure are pretty: so rosy and round. Now, it makes me want to eat one!

The soundtrack song is Badfinger, with Apple of My Eye.

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