Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Big sky

This fantastic sky is over Toward, to the south of the Cowal Peninsula, where the weather - as it was today - is frequently better than seven miles to the north in Dunoon. We tend to check - back window shows us the Toward weather, front that at Benmore and Loch Eck. Today it looked as if it was raining on Benmore, so we headed south for a walk along this road and out the Ardyne beach road, where we stood in warm sunshine for quite some time blethering to people we only meet there. I don't even know their names, though today I learned that the woman and I share the rare distinction of having had our tonsils taken out on the kitchen table ...

But we were heading back to the car (parked at the school, the low building in the foreground) when we saw these tumultuous clouds and realised it was still not sunny at home. Their shape and colour reminds me of the paintings of Paul Henry - one of whose paintings I grew up with. It now hangs on my staircase.

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