Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Enjoying the sea air ...

My other grandchildren arrived this afternoon, along with their long-suffering mother, to enjoy the delights of the west coast. As they came from Newhaven Harbour, I have at least the sound knowledge that the weather - and the east wind - was even worse there. We thought some fresh air would benefit them after the car journey, so after a visit to the shop that still sells the Dunoon pottery mugs we went home the long way, along the front. I thought Catriona (10) could pose gracefully against the railing, the famous pier in the background ... and this was the result. It's the only photo I've taken today.

The worst bit of this outing was the seagull who saw fit to drop a large offering on the top of my head as I paused to wait for the others to catch us up.


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