Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I was walking in a slightly different part of the Botanical Gardens this afternoon, taking it easy with a pal after something strange happened to my foot in London. (I suspect the roof of the O2 perhaps had something to do with it ...) This area is flat and grassy, and as a result everything growing there seems even taller than it is, but this red rhododendron is truly enormous. My friend was less enthusiastic than I was about it, finding it rather sparse, but I loved the singularity of each red flower, hanging like drops of blood in the forest. (It was at this point that she asked me if I didn't think I was becoming a little eccentric ... moi?)

Another lovely spring day, one in which all our sheets were washed and dried on the line while we sat in the garden eating our lunch - the first time of the year. My extra photo is of some voluptuous white blooms of rhododendron which I found later in the forest.

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