Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A burning bush ...

Back in Benmore today - that strained foot is making any other walking unappealing - I caught sight of another red rhododendron from another path I rarely use. It seemed to burn among the other trees and shrubs, with the dark conifers round it and the mistier hillside beyond. 

As well as being another lovely Spring day, today was made all the more enjoyable by my meeting up with the former colleague with whom I have coffee every couple of months. Despite - or perhaps because of - our shared past, we don't talk about work or people (other than our families!) but tend to share ideas, talk about politics (another shared viewpoint), discuss books, forget about no-go areas (there are none). It's liberating and so much fun that it was 1.45pm before I got home for lunch.

So the rest of the day has been rather late in happening, and now it's past midnight. My extra photo is of a Gunnera plant just beginning to sprout foliage. I think it looks like the birth of a Triffid ...

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