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The Clock Has Changed

Woke up at some unearthly hour today and saw that winter has finally arrived. The lawns are covered in white stuff, the temperature has dropped from a balmy 7 degrees to near zero and the clock has changed.
Inspired by the Potting Shed (Aviemore, cakes and wildlife, well worth a visit) I went on a hunt for some new bird feeders. Last years models having been destroyed by a combination of the Scottish dampness and Red Squirrels I sought quality but at an affordable price.
The local pet store (friendly, energetic staff, Pets r Us or something) had only overpriced flimsy feeders which a tree rodent would bite through in seconds. Argos I thought! (brilliant concept, you can look at pictures of the item but you cant touch or see it till you get home!) But no, only two in the catalogue and even the pictures suggested I avoid purchasing them. Home base was next (reminds me of Woolworth's somehow, cant make up its mind what to sell, DIY mixed with designer bathrooms and scented candles). No joy there, all the feeders were sold already.
In desperation I visited my local garden centre (rude checkout staff, high prices and parking spaces even your grannies Austin A30 would struggle with). I have never really gotton on with the place after the chainsaw repair episode but well that's another story.
There they were, the bird feeders of my dreams. Strong, well designed and cheap as chips!

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