Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Another day, another forest ...

I make no apology for yet another photo of grandchildren and forest - that's what they do when they come here, unless it's warm enough for a fire and picnic on the beach! The beauty of this area - apart from the purely natural beauty - is that there are so many places that feel like an adventure but are in fact safe - no traffic, no people to worry about. And this morning we had the added benefit of totally unexpected sunshine - sun that was completely lacking in Dunoon both when we left home and when we returned several hours later.

The wind has been blowing cold and strong from the east all day, and with it came cloud that was clearly coming along the central belt all the way from the North Sea. To the south it looked brighter, and to the north of us, where Benmore Gardens and this particular path lay, it was positively sunny. We could see the clouds to the east and south of us, and now, in the early evening, the sky is a uniform and chilly grey. The family have gone, the beds are remade, the washing is hanging, without much hope, on the line outside, the house is quiet.

It was a very short visit. Fun while it lasted ...

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