A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


It started with a Windows Update, the result of which left my copy of the backblip backup tool broken.  Peter / LooseCanon, the author, was very helpful and eventually I got it working again.  Windows had mushed all over the file permissions.  

During the recovery process I'd lost the database so I needed to reload the entire journal.  This took a while but it did cause me to watch my bliplife unfold before me; albeit backwards.

It struck me that I used to get out and take more presentable, attractive photos and fewer rushed, faffed, and record-of-the-DIY photos that rather dominate recent blippage, and that was disappointing.

So, I've decided to try and make more time for taking photos.

That's not always going to happen - the day I'm writing this on has been more than overloaded - but it's an intent.

(And there's a flurry of DIY-of-the-day phone images to backblip shortly, but not just yet.)

Thus, yes, it's another Elsby in the garden.  Definitely the best use for a dead conifer.

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