Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Not a Mono

The good news:  no freezing rain.  The bad news:  frost followed by rain, lots of it.  In fact, we had a thunder and lightning storm in the afternoon.  Crazy...

The sun was a brilliant red this morning but was obscured quickly by the fog that rolled in by the time I parked to take this photo just after sunrise.  Shame but I do like the look of all the frost on everything.  This image is in colour....that is how dull it was with the heavy fog and all the frost.

Almost a blip was the sight of 22 deer in the woods!

Sorry for being so rubbish keeping up with blip....managing to post is about all I am doing at the moment but I do appreciate seeing and reading about your days as well!  I also appreciate those of you who pop by to read what is happening in my neck of the woods....thank  you.

D x

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