Roof and Trees

We walked along a street where houses of the Samurai have been preserved.  Trees and Roofs of interesting shape.  We have also been to a very old village  of houses with thatched roofs.  Architecture seems to have been the theme of today because we have also visited the Geisha Tea Houses District in Kanazawa where the wooden architecture is also very distinctive - shapes, screens, privacy...  We are staying in a very modern part of the city, next to an amazing new building which houses the railway station.  We ate Japanese Sushi style again tonight.  It's not my favourite food - I think it's the texture that I don't like - all a bit slimy and rather bland until you add the wasabi...  We are developing a liking for hot saki though!  The extra is a storehouse decorated in gold leaf.  Elegant and Decadent.  This town is a major producer of items covered in gold leaf and a local treat is an ice cream sprinkled with bits of gold leaf.  Our meal tonight included gold leaf decoration...  We are going to a studio tomorrow to learn how to apply gold leaf to a bento box...


Wood, textured and beautiful.
Trees, green, gold, red, and shapely.
Cities, modern, bright and bustling.
Old, natural and new in potential harmony.

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