Taking a Rest

This morning we went for a walk along the cliffs - sunny, great cloudage about.  Just what I needed, some fresh air. I'm feeling much more myself today after two night of reasonable sleeps....I did come home from our Central Otago adventures happy but very tired.

This couple were resting &/or canoodling on this beautifully carved seat  but just as I clicked they drew apart. This looks like they are sitting on the beach when actually they are sitting on the cliff top many metres high.  Some more on Flickr

What an awesome afternoon for us at the Commonwealth Games - our hockey girls took the gold against the Ozzie girls, a silver in the girls big bike race, gold in the boxing, and currently watching the Men's bike race - very very exciting. 

All on in Syria, airstrikes......makes me nervous and anxious but we can't have Bashar al-Assad continuing to use chemical weapons on his own people.  


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