Baby on Board

Look closely at this picture, paying particular attention to the top of the shopping trolley. Yes, that is a baby/small child in there. Baby in the shopping trolley and fag in hand. Still, at least she's offering it a drink. I just hope it was wrapped up nice and snug, what with the artic wind that was blasting through Edinburgh at lunch time.
Still, I can't really complain about the weather - heading off to New York tomorrow, so I'm sure it'll be worse there. I've packed my thermals, so hopefully it should be bearable. I'm just looking forward to all the photos I'll be able to take, although I think I'll refrain from so much of the street photography, lest I get shot.

I think I'm taking the laptop with me, so might be able to blip, might not, depending on hotel interweb access etc.

Today's rejected blips:

* The Globe Deli
* Family Dental Practise
* No Stopping Except Busses
* Chained

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