By Veronica

Jean-Baptiste was here

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, aka Molière, stayed the night in this house while visiting Sigean with Louis XIII in 1642. It's a few metres from the definitely post-1642 church where we were singing this evening, and as far as I was prepared to go in the drizzle during the brief break before the concert.

Generally a good concert although it was marred by a couple of slight accidents -- notably a major organ malfunction during one of Mike's solos; he managed to sing serenely on through the squawks while Florent stabbed furiously at buttons trying to restore the tranquil tone he'd started with. But at the end of the concert the audience stood up and applauded long and loud, as well as many people congratulating us fulsomely as they left. Which just goes to show, it's the feeling and overall effect that counts.

Blanquette de Limoux and chocolate biscuits afterwards, and then a drive home in the rain.

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