Sunny ....

We had a nice relaxing morning at home today before going to Housenick Park this afternoon.

We saw a wide assortment of birds while on our walk including some new one's for us.  I took pictures of some them and was going to put together a collage .... but the time has gotten away from me and it isn't going to happen.

The birds we saw include: Blue Jays, Robins, Palm Warbler (new!), Red-bellied Woodpecker, vultures, Eastern Phoebe, Common Merganser (new!), Golden Crown Kinglet (new!), Hermit Thrush and a Mallard duck pair.  And we also saw our first turtle of the season!

When we returned from our walk little chippy was up out of his burrow. We have decided (on the suggestion of Richard) to call him Sunny .... as it seems we only see him on sunny days!

Backblipped: April 14, 2018.

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