I just couldn't do it .....

... convert this to mono for MM, that is!

Today was almost as equally nice as yesterday and besides go out this morning for some grocery shopping I spent the day in the sun room. 

I set up my camera in order to capture some of the noisy grackles thinking that I would post to Mono Monday .... but I didn't have the heart to convert this to black & white. The common grackles are so much prettier in color .... especially in the sunshine. 

Speaking of black & white .... thank you so much for all the love on my Saturday Zebra photograph.  It's sitting somewhere on the popular pages and I'm so very grateful to you for that.  ♥♥♥

I became a great aunt for the third time .... my oldest niece had her second child today .... a baby girl.  Welcome to the world Kendrick!!

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