Wild Wednesday ...

.... Wildlife and other things collage. 

I took most of these pictures first thing this morning when I went to put out the peanuts.  I was standing on the step outside the deck leaning against the railing. I was quite surprised when the American Robin landed just opposite me on the other railing.  Snap, snap, snap went the camera!

The upper left hand picture was also taken at this time.  It's a House Finch that had landed in the flowering tree on our neighbor's property.  I thought it was interesting that the finch is picking one of the flowers off .... to eat I assume.  I've never seen this behavior before today.

After lunch I braved going out to Sam's Club to pick up some things.  Sadly, I only found two of the items I was after. One of which was a rotisserie chicken for supper.  While I was out I took two of the pictures featured in this collage .... the "Park Closed" sign and the American flag. The closed park is one of the many county parks that they closed starting today ..... all the county parks have been closed until further notice.  The government has been telling us it's okay to get out for walks/exercise but now they have taken away locations where this can be done ... it's quite sad. 

When I got home I gathered up the newspapers and my camera and headed out to the sunroom to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. I also spent some more time in the backyard getting more pictures for my collage.  The lower left picture is of some toads that my neighbor discovered in her pond this morning.  She is very excited to have them ... but they are not maintaining very good social distancing! 

COVID-19 by the numbers (as of 12 PM today 4/8/20):
Positive cases in Pennsylvania  - 16,239 (an increase of 1,680)
Negative cases in Pennsylvania - 82,299
Number of deaths in Pennsylvania  - 310 (an increase of 70 )
Cases in Northampton County - 857 (17 deaths)

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